Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Food Rules

I admit it: I’ve got some weird idiosyncracies when it comes to food.

Some of these have been in place a long time, while others I’ve had to adopt in recent years as my allergies to gluten & wheat products have emerged.

In any event, here goes: my Top Five Food Rules.

1. No Corn On The Cob in a public place. Why not? Because the kernels get stuck in your teeth, obviously! Even if I eat Corn On The Cob in the privacy of my own home, I have my container of dental floss nearby.

2. No Mixing Desserts. For example, if I have one kind of chocolate after a meal I simply will not add another type in the same time span. So a dessert platter does me no good at all. Why not? I don’t want to compromise the taste of that primary dessert by adding a second one.

3. Cottage Cheese goes with anything. Especially at lunch.

4. The Wonderfully Warm Bread Loaf At Outback Is The Quickest Way To Get Sick. I used to think it was the steaks that made me ill afterwards, despite their great taste. Nope. It was eating half a loaf of bread beforehand. No more. And now, a night at Outback starts well and ends well.

5. Leftovers should be eaten. This is a holdover from my childhood in which leftovers were highly valued and never wasted. I’ve had a difficult time passing this truth on to my little family in Charlotte. I’m still holding out hope, though, and one day this week I’ll have leftover sloppy joes for dinner (no bun). It does not get any better than that.