Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Elements To A Good Week

The rhythm of a seven day week is so foundational to most of us that you’d think it was wired into creation from the very beginning.

Oh, it was … ?

Anyway, as a person who values … no, lives by … no, is radically dependent upon ROUTINE, I have realized there are several elements to me having a “good” week.  Here they are:



1. ONE sermon gets written.  I am a bit of a hermit until I’ve studied, scribbled, wordsmithed, and prayed my way into approximately 2000 words of sermonizing.  Yes, I work way ahead.  But the only way to get way ahead is to prepare one every week, including weeks I don’t preach.

2. FOUR or FIVE trips to the Y.   Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday are in stone; Thursday is the wild card.  A wild card that during the summer months often takes a back seat to lawn mowing.

3. TEN houses get blessed.   I don’t really feel like the week is complete unless I can venture out withe a Good Shepherd friend, knock on at least ten doors of new movers, bless their homes, and invite them to church.  Why should I expect people to come to church if I’m not first inviting them?

4. SEVEN days that include some time away from people and alone with my Father.  Another name for it is “quiet time.”  Or “devotions.”  Whatever you call it, I have realized in 2018 more than ever just how reliant I am upon that daily discipline.

5. ONE day that contains more rest than work.  I am not a legalist about a Sabbath. Yet I am fairly protective of my Fridays.  Those tend to be filled with YMCAing, mowing, reading.

Those are essential to a good week. What does it take for you?