Top Five Tuesday — My Answer To WRFX’s Memorial Day 500’s Top Five

Over the Memorial Day Weekend, WRFX, Charlotte’s Classic Rock station (defined in these parts as a heavy dose of Lynrd Skynrd with occasional morsels of Led Zeppelin and AC/DC) counted down its Five Hundred Greatest Rock Songs Of All Time.

Are there even Five Hundred to count down?

Anyway, I didn’t pay it much attention until I heard on Sunday afternoon that the top slot would be revealed at about 9 p.m. So I started tuning in at about 8.


Here were the final five, and when #1 was unveiled I had to admit that I sure didn’t see that coming.

5. Hotel California

4. Sweet Child O’ Mine

3. Black Dog

2. You Shook Me All Night Long.

1.Bohemian Rhapsody

So here are my personal top five. These are not the same as the five best or most influential; just my personal favorite.

  1. The Boys Of Summer
  2. Where The Streets Have No Name
  3. Gimme Shelter
  4. Over The Hills & Far Away
  5. I Still Believe (an obscure song by an obscure band, The Call. Yet band and song helped rescue my soul in the late 80s.)