Top Five Tuesday — Five (Or Seven) More Great Dawes Songs

Back in November, I had a blog about my new favorite Band, Dawes, while listing their top five songs. You can read it here.

However, in my Dawes’ Naivete at the time, I didn’t even know they had two additional albums that I had never heard.

Now I have. And they’re superb. So here are more songs from a band who is a little bit Eagles, a little bit Steely Dan, even a little bit Paul Simon and Bruce Springsteen … but somehow still all original.

One. “Just Beneath The Surface.” Wow. Who doesn’t have this in their lives?

Just beneath the surface there’s another one of me
At the root of all my trouble, in the twitch before I speak
With thoughts and revelations even I could not accept
So just beneath the surface is where he will stay kept

Two. “From A Window Seat.” The first in a trio of infectious, groove based tunes on this list.

Three. “My Girl To Me.” The second in that trio. As my older brother said to me once about a John Mayer track, “I dare you not to like it.”

Four. “God Rest My Soul.” Third of three.

Five. “Love Is All I Am.” Haunting, hypnotic, and hopeful.

Six. “Someone Will.” A song with a SOUND like Paul Simon on Graceland and a lyric twist at the end reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen’s “Brilliant Disguise.

Seven. “Somewhere Along The Way.” Like harmonies? Check this one out.