The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts

We have an interesting bunch of pastors and leaders at Good Shepherd. You can see their pictures and read their bios here.

Leading a group like this is full of the same kinds of highs and lows you experience with any family. Moments of great inspiration are often followed by times of abject desperation.

But usually, I recognize that all of us together are better than any of us individually. In fact, I recently received the most interesting email from someone who is part of the church:

Dear Talbot,

I have been attending GS for about a year and a half. I leave the church on Sunday mornings feeling so enriched. I have often wondered, “What makes this church so different?” I finally realized the difference several weeks ago.

I see Rich and he ministers to my heart.
James-Michael ministers to my intellect.
The entire music group ministers to my soul.
Ron ministers to my compassion.
You, Talbot, provoke my conscience.

It is no wonder that when I leave church I am completely at peace and completely challenged.

Thank you all for nurturing my entire being.

Isn’t that great?

So yeah, I’m blessed to be part of that team. And the team is blessed to serve a congregation full of articulate, appreciative people.