The Problem Of God, Week 1 — “The Problem Of God’s Existence”

What do you do when your faith raises so many questions that you’re not sure you can even claim it as your own anymore?

What do you do when skepticism outweighs belief and doubt overwhelms trust?

And what do you if YOUR faith is strong but the people you love can’t turn the corner of faith.

The Problem Of God, inspired by Mark Clark’s book of the same name, addresses those questions and many more. Designed for skeptic, cynic, and saint, the series will delve into some of the reasons people in the 21st Century have decided their unbelief is stronger than their belief. We believe this series will turn that around.

February 23: The Problem Of God’s Existence

March 1: The Problem Of Pain And Suffering

March 8: The Problem Of Hypocrisy

March 15: The Problem Of The Bible

March 22: The Problem Of Hell

Here’s the video: