The People Of Auxano & The “My Ministry Breakthrough” Podcast

For years, I have told you of the difference our work with Auxano Consulting has made in the leadership and direction of Good Shepherd.

Specifically, Auxano’s focus on clarity led our excavation and adoption of inviting all people into a living relationship with Jesus Christ as our mission.

Recently I recorded a My Ministry Breakthrough podcast with my friends at Auxano.

Here’s the written summary, and I don’t refer myself in the third person below; this is Auxano’s summary:

Breakthrough ideas with Talbot: 

  • Twitter is a great place to improve as a wordsmith because it forces clarity of communication.
  • It is possible for social media to make you a better pastor and leader.
  • Making diversity the cause only results in political correctness, so make Jesus the cause and let diversity be the result.
  • Bringing diversity to staff means writing every job description carefully and hiring intentionally.
  • Knowing who you are as a church, and who you are not, brings incredible focus to a church.
  • The consistency of visionary identity from church leadership brings confidence in missional activity from the body.
  • Setting people up for lots of small wins eventually results in large victory in Jesus.
  • Be clear about your expectations for hiring and set up systems of accountability.
  • Normalize the things of the church that used to be remedial: healing prayers, altar calls, and being awake to the Spirit.
  • There is a difference in being a charismatic church and a church with a lot of charismatic people in it.
  • Processes can hinder leadership; sometimes you just need to take risks on people.
  • When it comes to staff hiring and firing, long hellos and short goodbyes are best.
  • Develop your gifts and hire others that make up for your unavoidable shortcomings.
  • Work every day and you will get better at what you do.

The link to the podcast itself is HERE.

Here’s the graphic they created: