The Pastor As Prima Donna

I’ve noticed some disturbing things about myself recently.

Such as a growing frustration with people who are simply minding their own business on a Sunday morning.

Such as an increasing impatience if I have to wait even an extra minute before going over “my part” of the service with the technical team.

Such as an unhealthy need to have everything “just right” before I begin.

In short, I’ve noticed that I can be a prima donna.

There are times when I’ve become the very thing I promised I’d never be.

The absurdity of pastor-as-prima-donna came home to me this week while singing some classic hymns as part of a conference I attended. I realized that I was going to remember the words and the feeling of that great hymnody with much more clarity than I would remember the words of the sermon that would follow.

And so I did. And so I have.

In the same way, the people of Good Shepherd are probably remembering the theology embedded in “Our God” and “In Christ Alone” better than they remember the nuances of Colossians 3 as I explained them to open Fashion Statement.

The whole service — actually, the whole worship experience from the parking lot in — makes a theological statement and packs emotional energy, not just the sermon.

In other words, I’m just a small part in a big thing God is doing.

If anyone should demand things be “just right,” let it be Him.