“The Light At The Beginning Of The Tunnel” Launches Sunday



The Light At The Beginning Of The Tunnel

In the middle of life’s struggles, the path forward seems endless.

We wonder if the darkness will ever give way to light.

A lot of times, we believe that if we just press on, there is a light waiting for us at the end of the tunnel.

But what if we have that all wrong?

What if you don’t have to wait for the end of the tunnel to get the light?

What if it was with you all along? What if the same light you’ve been heading towards has been guiding you from the beginning?

We’re pretty sure it has. We’re pretty sure He has

The Light At The Beginning Of The Tunnel.

April 3: First Light

April 10: Guiding Light

April 17: Spotlight

April 24: Shining Light

May 1: Final Light

May 8: Highlight