“The Fine Art Of Belly-Aching” Launch — “Mine Eyes Have Seen The Gory”

Have you noticed that when you ask someone, “how are you doing?” and they answer, “can’t complain,” that they’re REALLY telling you that if they COULD complain they sure WOULD?

Complaining. Whining. Belly-Aching.

Whatever you call it, a lot of us are good at it. In fact, some of us have elevated it to an art form.

And that list includes Habakkuk, the author of the Old Testament book that bears his own name.

What was the source of his belly-aching? Well, maybe it was his name, which people STILL can’t pronounce. Or the brevity of his book, tucked away in a hard to reach section of the biblical library. Or perhaps it was the turmoil he found among his own people, the children of Israel, in 610 B.C.

Whatever the source of his complaint, we’re pretty sure that we’ll learn even more from the hope of his faith. Because in his short book, God changes him from victim to victor, from whiner to winner. We’re trusting he’ll do the same with us.

The Fine Art Of Belly-Aching. You can be honest to God.

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