The Beyond Culmination — “The Great Beyond”

As we move to Sunday’s culmination of Beyond, complete with first-fruits giving and three year promised giving, I want to share a note I received from someone in our church who has been impacted by the entire movement.

In particular, she had a response to last week’s idea that when you realize what you’ve been given is priceless, you are eager to give back what is precious.  Here’s the note:

I have heard John 11 & 12 told many times, but never like that. I was really moved by the service and I just wanted to share with you.

It is my prayer that people throughout the church were as moved as I was about what is precious that Good Shepherd has done. I immediately made a list that night and have written below.

It is because of GS that I quit smoking over 11 years ago. Battling an addiction I thought I would never stop doing, but your message and the Holy Spirit spoke to me that Sunday. When I tell people the only way I quit was GOD (and the church) I feel like they are encouraged.

I got involved in a life group at GS 8 years ago. Because of that life group I have life long friends and we are still in a life group with them to this day.

My relationship with my husband is stronger because of GS. We have always made a vow that any sports or other activities are arranged around Sunday worship and not the other way.

Because of GS my children have grown up in an environment that shows what GOD looks and feels like and opens their hearts even more than what we can do at home. They are surrounded by other Christian friends and if I asked what their 2nd favorite place to be it would be something related to GS.

Because of GS my faith has grown and still grows so much every day.

Because of GS I learned that serving is so easy to get involved in and it has opened a part of me that I never new really existed before coming to church. The serving doors that were opened made it possible for me to serve overseas. Made it possible for me to be connected with [a local mission], which is so dear to my heart. It also has made such an impact on my family as a whole.

Talbot, GS is so precious to me and my family. Thank you for all that you do and continue to do to make this church no matter the size still be centered with an intimate relationship with GOD and each other.

P/S I could go on and on… This was just the tip of my gratefulness of how precious GS is.


Wow.  That’s why we do what we do.  That’s why we’re taking what we do beyond these walls, beyond this corner, and beyond our imaginations.

And it will take all of us to make it happen. So that more and more people can live the same kind of story you just read.

Sunday.  8:30.  10.  11:30.