#TBT — Monroe (NC) Enquirer-Journal, July 24, 1994

While looking at an old picture album, I came across this article from the July 24, 1994 edition of the Monroe (NC) Enquirer-Journal.


So much to look on with some nostalgia from this piece . . .

  • The Mt. Carmel sanctuary.  We used an overhead projector to display song lyrics right under the cross;
  • The suit;
  • The Rossignol FT580 tennis racket;  Wha-what?
  • The way the story sort of “oversells” my professional tennis potential;
  • A truthful list of some players I beat who subsequently went on to Top 30 pro careers;
  • An accurate description of how I approached ministry then and now.
  • And the reference to Julie and to Taylor (4) and Riley (1).  Now 27 and 24.