Strategically Sweet. Or Sweetly Strategic.

On any given day, I’m called on to make a number of decisions.

Usually, those decisions are strategic in nature: how best to align the staff, how most effectively to extend our influence, how to maximize the impact of our facilities.

Sometimes I find those decisions easy to make and energizing to implement.

At other times, I find them excruciating to make and agonizing to carry out.

But here’s something else: in the rush of the strategic it can be tempting to overlook the sweetness of the Gospel.

Because the Gospel, at its core, has a savory sweetness that surpasses honey.

Think about it.

We are loved without deserving it.

We are saved without earning it.

We are protected without knowing it.

And at the end of all our tomorrows we’ll come before our King claiming not our victories but our surrender.

That’s all delectable stuff, worthy of meditation, reflection, and gratitude.

I think the balance in all my decision-making will come when I can see the strategic as an opportunity to advance the sweet.