Some Recent Odds, Ends, And Realizations

Here’s a collection of some things I’ve seen, some other things I’ve learned, and some things that have simply happened in my life over the last couple of months.

1.  I just started using the Calendar feature on Outlook.  That means that only in the summer of 2014 have I stared using a digital calendar to monitor my schedule.  Otherwise, I’m all about the At-A-Glance calendar book in the middle of my desk.

2.  If my grass is just the slightest bit too high, I’m on edge until I can find the time to mow it.  The thought of returning from a vacation and then needing to mow immediately upon return would ruin my trip.  Which is why I make other arrangements.

3.  If you get 100 preachers in the same room, even if they are like-minded on critical issues, there is still so much ego power in that place that it’s hard to reach consensus on anything.

4.  The 6 CD Changer in my 2009 Nissan Maxima recently broke, leaving five CDs stranded in it.  They don’t repair them.  Nor do they make them anymore.  My only choice was to replace with a single CD player / radio system.  Well, the other choice is to do what the rest of the world has done and move to an iPad/iPhone based music system.  Nope.  By the way, that 6 CD player was first made famous in this video from 2009 that helped our Rubber, Meet Road series:

5.  I care about the interior decorating in my office.  I do not care one bit about the interior decorating in our home.  What does that say about me?

6.  Twitter is now where I get almost all my news, Methodist and otherwise.

7.  I’m still wearing two pair of socks a day: white, thick Thor-Lo underneath to keep my feet warm and then dark on top to look remotely adult and professional.

8.  My heart drops if I lose a Twitter follower.

9.  I think the Methodist Crossroads people need to find a sartorial answer to the rainbow stole.

10.  There are so many links and articles on how to lead well, grow churches, and reach millenials with the Gospel that I get overwhelmed.  So I don’t open any of them. For real.

11.  I’m super happy that I was able to throw in a word like “sartorial” in #9 above.

12.  Is the ability to disagree agreeably a noble enough task to compensate for fundamental disagreements?

13.  The next five weeks:  American hard court tennis for the pros.  It’s the best time of the year and the sport’s truest test.