Some Random Things I’m A Little Embarrassed About . . .

I’m treating this day before Thanksgiving as a day of confession.

And you, my readers, are my de facto confessional booth.

So here are some random items that cause me just a little embarrassment . . .

1.  I really like Katy Perry’s song Roar.  Really.

2.  I get a little panicked if I can’t locate some cottage cheese and a Nutrageous when I’m eating lunch.

3.  I get nervous trying to operate a digital camera and miss the days of 35mm.

4.  Having unanswered emails in bold in my in-box fills me with anxiety.

5.  Sometimes on Sunday mornings I’ll run into my office in between services to swallow some Close-Up toothpaste.

6.  In 6th grade, my favorite song was Seasons In The Sun.

7.  It’s taken me until now to realize that a lot of people in church probably have sermons welling up inside them, yearning to be expressed.

8.  I wish I’d gotten braces on my bottom teeth.

9.  I don’t like the end of Daylight Savings Time for living but I love what it does to church attendance.

10. I don’t really like to hear myself speak but I do like to read myself write.