Sermon Help

Sermon Help

Sermon Help for Pastors and Aspiring Preachers

Sermon Help

Even the most experienced and effective of pastors need ongoing sources of ideas and sermon help inspiration to lead their congregations closer to Christ. I’m Talbot Davis, and I’ve been developing and delivering sermons for over 25 years, and I have resources for you.

  1. Sermon Series That Pop

    How can you develop the kind of sermon series that engages not only the congregation you serve but also those folks in the community who don’t go to church at all? I’m eager to show the origin of series like Crash Test DummiesMad People Disease, The Storm Before The Calm, and The Shadow Of A Doubt — all of which have helped Good Shepherd become one of the largest churches in Methodism.

  2. Sermons That Stick

    Once you have an idea for a great series, how can the individual messages within it resonate? I will guide you to engage the minds and heart of your listeners so that they leave knowing the ONE THING you shared that day.

  3. Delivery That Delivers

    The series is compelling. The sermon is convicting. But all you have so far is content. How can you maximize that content with a delivery that delivers? I’m eager to help.

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