Seminary At Church

I loved my time at Asbury Seminary. I loved the classes, the teachers, the friends, and everything that school stood for and stands for.

That’s why it’s so cool that we have a mini-seminary at our church. We call it Passage (part of Walking Together, with the double meaning of a passage that you walk through and a biblical passage that you study).

Passage classes are heavier on content than the Pathfinder community groups we launched last week. This semester, we have classes on Galatians, a New Testament survey, Genesis, as well as the old standard, The Bible For The Rest Of Us. We’ve got some top-notch teachers willing to share their time and wisdom, so it makes for a strong ministry.

You can find out more about Passage and even sign up for a class by checking here.

Because the only thing better than going off to seminary is having one come to you.