Questions That Shake Your Faith

I have to admit that there are some days when I find my faith shaken to the core.

Questions keep building and building. Questions without any easy answers.

Questions like:

  • Why does God allow mental illness?
  • What redemptive purpose can you ever find in a suicide?
  • Why is there so much jealousy among pastors?
  • Why is there so much sexual dysfunction among church people and church leaders?
  • Why are the deepest hurts that Christians experience . . . at the hands of other Christians? (Knowing full well I’ve been on both sides of that one.)
  • Why are there birth defects?

The list could go on. I suppose I’m asking them because later this week I’ll lead a memorial service for twin boys who were born 17 weeks premature and did not make it.

I’ve been in a season of spiritual and professional blessing. Great excitement and appreciate for what God is doing in me and in this church.

Yet the questions remain.

You probably have some as well. So keep asking. It’s a lot better than pretending they don’t exist.