New Series Launch — “It Runs In The Family”

It Runs In The Family

Just think of all the things that run in families.

Just think of all the things that run in your family!

Skin tone, hair texture, eye color, verbal tics, facial expression, walking styles, high blood pressure, good judgment, male pattern baldness, and much, much more.

Some things, of course, run in families and you wish they didn’t. Or wouldn’t. Anger, addiction, betrayal, and more.

So we’re taking a biblical look at the greatest ways to have the deepest truths run in your family – love, faith, resilience and generosity.

It Runs In The Family. When the good stuff runs in it, you don’t have to run from it.

July 26: Talking The Walk

August 2: What You Can’t Unsee

August 9: I’ve Fallen And I Can’t Get Up

August 16: Deep Pockets

Here’s the video: