More From Haiti — A Second Tuesday Post!

Beth Boutilier is our Haiti’s team’s official blogger. Here’s her latest post:

The Sunday morning two worlds collided…
…a Haitian church alive with a hopeful spirit; welcome their American gests with open arms and broken English.

…wearing your “Sunday Best” took on a whole new meaning…brightly colored dresses, polished shoes and crisp suits adorned our Haitian hosts.
While their faces were stoic, their passion was epic. As they prayed and sang to our Lord the joy spilled out of them and filled the tiny steamy church with love and hope.
We have the same God, we share the same faith, but not the same past hurts or trials – they have seen things we can’t possibly imagine – they have felt things that would break the human spirit – but their spirit was clearly alive.
Thanking God with genuine gratitude for what little they have…their faith is strong for what God has planned for them.

Admiration. Inspiration. Appreciation.

We pity the Haitians….but should we? Perhaps they have something we still desire…unwavering hope…against all odds.