More Cool, Free LoveDare Stuff

So yesterday was the second week of LoveDare.

The sermon focused on I Corinthians 13:5: “[love] is not rude.” I talked about the reality that many of us say things to our families, behind closed doors, that we would never say to people in public. How sad. My prayer is that the message and then this week’s dares will help people bring needed correction to their lives and marriages.

The sermon ended with this video from John & Cynthia Agnew. The Agnews moved to Fort Mill way back in 2000, and started attending Good Shepherd shortly thereafter. They’ve long been some of my favorite people. Here’s their story:

I love their honesty, lack of pretension, and genuine faith. I believe the Agnews’ story will help other couples and families at Good Shepherd craft the same kind of story with their lives.