Mom Publishes Story

My mother, Betty X. Davis, just published a story called “The Last Bicycle” in the July/August edition of Spider Magazine, a highly regarded periodical for children.

Set in the French town of Uzaire in the waning days of World War II, “The Last Bicycle” weaves together a young boy named Jacques, an American soldier from Texas, and a treasured bicycle into a tale of loss, sacrifice, serendipity, and restoration.

While it is quite an accomplishment to have a short story published anywhere these days, I suppose you could say it’s not altogether unique.

After all, lots of people’s mothers have published short stories.  I daresay that even some preacher’s mothers have published fiction.

What makes this one noteworthy?

The fact that my mother published the story at the age of 96.  Ninety-six.  One hundred minus four. 

As in born in 1915 and getting stories published in 2012.

Actually, I’m not sure how she fits writing into her schedule, packed as it is with tennis matches, speaking engagements, and family gatherings. 

In other words, a daily routine quite unlike any other 96-year-old I’ve ever heard of.

Here she is, at far left of picture, with some of her Texas-based writer friends: