Latino Ministry IN THE LIVING ROOM — Sammy Gonzalez, Guest Blogger

In addition to the first Sunday in the refreshed K-Zone, this past week was also the first time our Latino community worshipped in the Living Room.

We developed that space in large part for our students on Sunday evening and for our Spanish speaking worship gathering on Sunday morning.

Here is Pastor Sammy Gonzalez’s report from that first Sunday:


As you all know, Sunday was Latino Ministry’s first service at our new location, The Living Room.

We had been waiting for this for nearly four years now.  We are so excited for the LM to be able to “cruzar la calle” (cross the street) and be able to fully live into one of our values of being a church that is Full on, Full Color.

We had an amazing service on Sunday with an attendance of 135 people which 25 or so were first time guest. We had to keep pulling out more chairs as guests continued to arrive! 

Latino in Living Room 1

I want to thank you all for your prayers and support heading into las Sunday. There was a lot of work and thought put into making this historic day for this church possible and you as well as many others were a big part of that, so on my behalf…GRACIAS!

One guest came in, interrupted me for a moment, and then ran out of the room. I’m still looking for that guy, so let me know if you see him  . . .

Latino in Living Room 2


The people were very excited about the new place and as the sermon mentioned, a new season and space to continue our Purpose, Vision and Opportunity to invite all people into a living relationship with Jesus Christ.