It’s Not What You Do . . .

Best line uttered by one of the teaching team members at Christ Fellowship Church:

“It’s not what you do; it’s what you do with what you do.”

In other words, it’s not enough simply to pull off a big event — that’s what you do.

The heart of ministry lies in the follow up to that event — that’s what you do with what you do.

Whether it’s a rally for students, a party for kids, a seminar for adults, or even a Sunday worship service, the key to effective ministry is all in the next steps. Thanking volunteers. Calling first time guests. Providing discipleship material for those who make commitments of faith.

I confess: after we host a large event at Good Shepherd, I’m usually so glad it’s over that I rarely take the initiative to have excellent follow through.

But as I travel home today, I do so with a personal challenge to do more with what we’ve already done.