Is What Got You Here Gonna Take You Where You’re Going?

Here’s a great leadership question:

“Is what got us here going to take us where we are going?”

I’ve got to ask myself that all the time.

Is the ministry style that brought Good Shepherd to 1500 people per Sunday what it will take to move us to 2000 per Sunday and beyond?

Is the kind of leadership I offer to staff and congregation — the kind, again, that has helped us arrive at this current destination — the right kind of leadership to take us to a new destination?

The answer to both those questions is probably “Yes.” And “No.”

“Yes” to those things that are core: faithfulness to Scripture, openness to the Spirit, passion for new people.

“No” to some of the things that are more ancillary. Any leader who is not constantly learning, growing, and then adapting leadership style is not much of a leader to begin with. So I hope to be a different kind of leader in October of 2010 than I am today.

As I ask that leadership question in this place, perhaps you should ask it in yours.