How The Stock Market Is Like Marriage

Down 634 points.

Up 492 points.

With that kind of volatility, it is so tempting to bail out of the market altogether; to panic at the first sign of instability and move to something safer & more comfortable.

Yet wise investors (so they tell me) are not swayed by short term movement in the market but instead position themselves for the long haul.

How is all that like marriage?

When you enter into a marriage based on emotions, romance, or convenience, well, you’re much more vulnerable to short term volatility. The newest crisis, the loudest fight, the current stalemate can all become convenient excuses to bail.

Yet when you recognize that marriage is much more about commitment than passion and more about obedience than happiness, short term crises become occasions for reflection rather than departure.

Instead of fleeing the marriage — or, exiting the market — couples with a long term view navigate and negotiate their way through today’s problems.

Because tomorrow’s payoff awaits.

On Wall Street and on your street.