“Help! I Need Somebody!” Starts With “From Bad To Worse To Worser”

Help! I Need Somebody!

And not just anybody, right?

We all have a longing for connection, for relationship, for the ability to need people and to be needed by people.

So: how do we live into that reality during this unique season of our lives? And what do the answers to that question have to do with how we do church at Good Shepherd?

That’s what our next four weeks will be about. Inspired by the Beatles but digging into the biblical book of Ruth, we’ll uncover and apply relational truths that will fuel our living relationship with Jesus Christ.


August 23: From Bad To Worse To Worser

August 30: I See Invisible People

September 13: How To Make Sure You Have A Good Reputation

September 20: Help! Somebody Needs You!


Here’s the video: