Guest Bloggers From Haiti — Ron Dozier & Mike Gathman


We have had an amazing time here connecting with the children at the three orphanages we have visited. You would be very proud of the GS volunteers who are on this trip.
We have had some internet issues so that has delayed sending the blogs in a timely manner.

Latest Blogs: By Michael Gathman

July 13
This was day two for our team at Girlin’s orphanage. It’s hard to tell if the children or our team was more excited to see each other again – we’ll call it a tie! Nearly every team member had children to hug, love, and play with throughout the day. All the while some folks continued work on the bunk beds started the day before. By the end of the day one full bunk bed had been completed – which means two less mattresses on the floor.

While the team waits for the container of shoes to be released here in Haiti, we are limited by the shoes we brought with us in bags from Charlotte. Many of the sizes were far too big for the kids at the orphanage. But of course God had a plan for those shoes. We set up chairs just outside the orphanage, and began to share the gospel, wash the feet, pray for, and deliver a pair of shoes to the many local men working to remove rubble from a lot nearby. Many accepted Christ – some simply received the gospel seed. What started with a few men grew to be many men within minutes. Going with the Haitian culture, there was always a sense of peace and order even as the crowd grew in size.

Through Christ’s strength, we spent the last hour of the day at another baby orphanage – again loving, holding, and playing with the children. The beauty is that as we grow tired, Christ provides more strength, and a never-ending supply of His love to share.

Upon arriving home we celebrated brother John’s 50th birthday! The perfect ending to another great day in Haiti!

July 14
ThursdayJohn, our partner in Christ here in Haiti, decides to take our team to a “temporary” housing village built primarily by World Vision. En route, we pass hundreds of tents, busy people, children moving about, animals looking for a crumb to eat. All the while the anticipation of what we are about to experience is welling up inside. Finally after an hour or so of driving we arrive to rows and rows – hundreds of homes – where God has led us to minister for the afternoon. The “temporary” housing is much like a woodshed many of us use to store yard equipment. The reality is that this temporary housing is likely permanent.
In this village and with these people, this housing was more than sufficient. The space between houses was neatly cared for – much like we care for our yards back home. They too take pride in their living areas. As we began to walk and talk with the people, the needs were much like our own. We prayed for many pregnant women asking God for strength at this time in their lives. We prayed for a three year old child who could not walk, and another who had a knot protruding from his back. Others asked for prayer for a better life. As we moved house to house, people began asking us to come to their house next. At each stop we shared scripture through our translator – the Word of God is sharper than a two edged sword! We then prayed for each person according to the needs they shared. All glory to God.