Guest Blogger Ryan Gordon: What Happened At Kids Core This Past Saturday

Ryan Gordon is our Director of Children’s Ministries, and files this report from his Kids Core Discipleship class offered this past Saturday morning:

“I am a new Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ…so now what?” 

 “How do I have a living relationship with Jesus Christ?”

Those questions and others like them are exactly why 26 elementary students and their parents came to the Kids CORE Discipleship Class asking last Saturday morning.  They wanted to learn more about how to GROW as Christians.

 So a total of 56 kids and adults piled into our Corner Campus and learned about the following:

Becoming Friends With God — Salvation

Going Public — Baptism

Choosing To Remember — Communion

I’m A Disciple — What Does A Living Relationship With Jesus Christ Look Like?        

It was exciting to see parents leading in their children’s spiritual development.  Parents and students talked; read the Bible together; prayed with one another; and ate and played together.  One mom even led her son into the kingdom of Christ that morning.  One key passage they learned from was this one from Matthew 28:19-20: 

 “So you must go and make disciples of all nations.  Baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Teach them to obey everything I have commanded you.  And you can be sure that I am with you, to the very end.” 
The four things Jesus tells us to do:  1.Go  2.Make Disciples  3.Baptize  4. Teach the Good News.  They also learned about Communion from the Last Supper of Jesus; Passover from Exodus 11 and 12; and how Jesus told us to remember Him by taking Communion.  Lastly, each participant learned what a DISCIPLE of Christ looks like on a daily basis.

              At Good Shepherd, we very much believe that a living relationship with Jesus Christ begins at home and that faith then gets brought to the church.  It doesn’t work in the reverse!  So as we invite all people into a living relationship with Jesus Christ, we invite you to become the major spiritual influencers in your children’s lives.
               Watch for the next Kid’s Core class this summer.