Good Shepherd + Good Hope = Revival

Here I am with Joseph Fulk, the pastor of Good Hope United Methodist Church near Lexington, North Carolina.

That church invited me to start their revival series this past Sunday night, so after launching the Brave series here in Charlotte, I journeyed up I-85 and delivered a talk called “For The Church.”

The sanctuary was full, the music was brisk, and the crowd was attentive. Good Hope’s revival follows a slightly different format than most: instead of four straight nights, it is four straight Sunday nights, each led by a different preacher from Western North Carolina Methodism.

The next three Sunday nights will feature my friends Charles Kyker, Chris Clontz, and Jeff Patterson in succession.

Among the many pleasant surprises this past Sunday night was the fact that Good Hope’s Young Adult Sunday School class has already studied both The Storm Before The Calm and Solve, and is now in preparation stage for Crash Test Dummies.