“Gods At War” Series Begins With “Godogamy”

Most of the time, when most of us read biblical stories warning us against the dangers of idolatry, we breathe a sigh of relief: “Well, I don’t have any little tin gods around the house, so I’ve got nothing to worry about.”

And we couldn’t be more wrong.

Idolatry doesn’t require idols. It simply needs a willing and vulnerable human heart.

Because the truth is that there are gods at war for the control of our hearts and whichever god win takes over the throne of our lives. Temporarily, at least; permanently for some.

Inspired by Kyle Idleman’s book of the same name, Gods At War will take a provocative look at unexpected places in our lives. Yet what is the end result of this particular deep dive?

The de-throning of the gods and re-throning of Jesus. Gods At War is one contest where you already know who wins.

October 6: Godogamy
October 13: Pleasure Center
October 20: Lovesick
October 27: The Good god

Here’s the promo video: