First Serve At Hoskins Park

Last Saturday night, my son asked me, “Dad, why do you have paint all over yourself?”

Because I’d spent Saturday morning painting one of the homes at the Hoskins Park Ministry in northwest Charlotte.

You should check Hoskins Park out. They do deep work with a smallish group of previously homeless men.

Their goal is not to house hundreds of men each night. It is instead to rebuild the lives of dozens of them, one man at a time & one day at a time.

I believe they are on to something, and I’m glad they are one of Good Shepherd’s partners for First Serve.

Speaking of First Serve . . . we set another record on November 6-7: over 300 people got out of their seats and into the city to give a positive witness for Christ. Nothing makes me feel better as a pastor than to see all those people gathered together on a Saturday morning, encouraging one another in worship and then fanning out into the city to serve.