“Do This In Remembrance Of Me” … And We Remember The Wrong “Me”

How can I do a typical Monday morning Sermon Rewind when my Sunday remarks were anything but typical?

First, they were more of a “meditation” than a sermon.

Second, I talked to think the meditation rather than thought to talk it.  Meaning, while I knew what I was going to say, I didn’t prepare a manuscript on it due to the brevity of the remarks and the design of the service.

Third, I was “live” this Sunday at our Zoar Campus while Chris Macedo and Ron Dozier co-hosted at Moss.  And the thoughts I shared had their origins in something Chris himself had said to me a few weeks ago:

“When it comes to Communion, Jesus said to ‘do this in remembrance of Me’ and yet we remember the wrong me.”

Think about it: so often when it comes to connecting our memories with the sacrament, we remember OUR SINS.  We’re encouraged to do that in most quarters.  As a result, we approach the table laden with guilt because when we remember ourselves, we remember all those things we shouldn’t oughta done.

Yet Jesus invites us to remember not our sins but OUR SAVIOR.  Remember HIM. Remember that no sin you’ve committed has more power than his blood. Remember that his capacity to forgive always outruns our capacity to sin.  Remember that he paid the price so that we might gain the prize.

Remember that … remember him … and communion becomes not laden with guilt but laced with gratitude.

Remember the right Me.