Snatching Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory

After church on Sunday, a very nice woman from Good Shepherd introduced me to some friends of hers who are new to the church.

And my long-time Good Shepherd friend was so excited. “I used these invite cards y’all passed out for the series,”  she said, referring to the Thank God For Science cards pictured below. “And I invited them and here they are!”

Her friends, of course, were exceedingly friendly and full of compliments for the content and the spirit in Thank God For Science.  As I said good-byes to the little trio, I gave props to my Good Shepherd friend, the dedicated inviter. What a win it is when the “invited become the inviters”!!

And driving home, as I rehashed the victorious conversation in my mind, I realized: I called my LONG-TIME Good Shepherd friend by the wrong name. In front of her friends. In the middle of a compliment.

Pray for me.