Christmas On Memory Lane Launch

I can’t wait for this Sunday.

Two reasons.  First, we begin Christmas On Memory Lane, a series of messages, music, and dramatic pieces that has me genuinely excited.  I like the cover art very much as well:

Here’s a summary of where the series is headed:

More than any other time of year, Christmas brings with it a host of memories.

The gift you got when you were six. The gift you gave when you were twelve. The meal time traditions that gave you security and hope. The pain that came when those traditions got interrupted or even abandoned.

A trip down memory lane at Christmas brings a mixture of nostalgia, pain, joy, and regret.

And where does faith fit into all that? What does God say about the role of family, memory, and a baby boy born in a manger so long ago?

That’s what we’ll explore this year as we celebrate Christmas On Memory Lane.

Dec. 2: Bumps In The Road

Dec. 9: Repaving Memory Lane

Dec. 16: Curb & Gutter

Dec. 23: Blessed Amnesia

Dec. 24: Parking Place

The second reason I’m unusually excited is because this is the Sunday we go multi-lingual, as our fourth worship service, all in Spanish and led by Sammy Gonzalez and team, launches at 11:30.  While I won’t be with them for long on Sunday, I have every confidence that God will cause great fruit to grow there.