Christians In A Bubble

Paul Simon sang about The Boy In The Bubble on his classic 1986 album Graceland.
You can see and hear it here. It’s well worth your time.
The bubble in the image to the right and on the song is designed to protect and to insulate. Of course in the case of serious illness (like with the boy in the song), the bubble is a matter of life and death.
However, a lot of us who name the name of Jesus have retreated into a Christian bubble. Not as a matter of life and death, but as a matter of convenience and comfort. We’re the ones who listen only to Christian radio, have Christian bumper stickers, go on Christian cruises, and, of course, wear Christian T-shirts.
In other words, we’re sheltered.
At least that’s how young people outside the faith perceive us.
So we’ll look at the subject this Sunday. Along the way, we’ll discover that moving from unChristian to Christian involves moving from sheltered to unSheltered.
Sunday. 8:30. 10:00. 11:30.