Cal Ripken, Jr. On Parenting

During yesterday’s message, I shared these insights on fatherhood from Cal Ripken, Jr.:

Growing up “I love you” wasn’t’ spread around too much in our household. Not that it wasn’t meant. I could tell every time my dad told me he loved me without saying it. It’s just the way things were then.

That part is different in my family. I want my kids to hear it. I tell them “I love you no matter what,” which means, “Whether you’re good or bad, happy or sad. It doesn’t matter whatever you are, I love you. Unconditionally. Always.” It all goes back to security and telling them you’ll always be there for them. Maybe you run the risk of telling them you love them so often that it loses meaning. I’ll risk it.

I love the last line:  “I’ll risk it.”

So will I.

Moms and dads:  will you?