Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Summer Songs

Guess what?  Tomorrow’s the 4th of July. The midpoint of summer, at least emotionally if not technically.

The time to take stock of what summer is all about.  And to count down the top five summer songs.

5. The Lovin’ Spoonful, Summer In The City.

4. The Beach Boys, Surfin’ USA.   I have never surfed but if I ever do (doubtful) it will because this song made me want to do it. read more

Movers & Shakers, Week 4 — Guest Blogger Devin Tharp: “Leadership Math”

Movers & Shakers has been all about the intersection of leadership and ministries with the next generation.

In other words, unleashing the latent leadership potential among the people of Good Shepherd so that those same people can influence the next generation of kids and students into a living relationship with Jesus Christ. read more

Movers & Shakers, Week 4 — Leadership Math

I think this was a real-time photo of one of the most important professional development sessions in the biblical library:

Well, perhaps I exaggerate.  But I suspect the encounter with Moses and his father-in-law Jethro looked something  like that.

And that encounter has everything to do with moving and shaking.  It’s called Leadership Math and it’s this Sunday. read more

Some Things I Am Always A Fan Of …

A smattering of things whimsical and things weighty that I am always a fan of ….

  • A one-handed backhand;

  • SMU sports;
  • A well designed sermon that teaches me something about the bible and then makes me cry;
  • “The Boys Of Summer”;
  • The fiction of Ann Patchett;
  • Inductive Bible Study as taught at Asbury Seminary;
  • Asbury Seminary;
  • The sports commentary of Colin Cowherd;
  • The non-fiction of Stephen Ambrose;
  • The Jurassic Park movie franchise (really);
  • Mark, the Gospel of;
  • The Nix by Nathan Hill;
  • Serve-And-Volley;
  • Gimme Shelter;
  • The theological eloquence of William Abraham;
  • The biblical insights of Matthew Bates;
  • Any biography of Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, or Richard Nixon;
  • Over The Hills & Far Away;
  • The Call;
  • Peggy Noonan;
  • Nissan Maxima;
  • I Corinthians, all sixteen chapters.
  • read more

    Surrender, Impulses, And The Church

    We all have impulses.  And many of those impulses are not necessarily healthy.

    Impulses to speak when silence is the better option.

    Impulses to spend when saving is the wiser choice.

    Impulses to sex when either abstinence or faithfulness is the path of life.

    Impulses to selfishness when submission is the way of Jesus. read more

    Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Elements To A Good Week

    The rhythm of a seven day week is so foundational to most of us that you’d think it was wired into creation from the very beginning.

    Oh, it was … ?

    Anyway, as a person who values … no, lives by … no, is radically dependent upon ROUTINE, I have realized there are several elements to me having a “good” week.  Here they are: read more

    Movers & Shakers, Week 3 — The WE Team

    Yesterday’s message …

    • Gave me a chance to call the congregation “gullible” as they re-enacted Moses, Aaron, and Hur on the mountaintop in Exodus 17;
    • Gave me another opportunity to help households realize how relentlessly their children are under attack by 21st Century culture;
    • Gave me a forum to confess to former programming studipity — well-intentioned for sure, yet still stupid — at Good Shepherd;
    • Gave this bottom line:  When ME becomes WE, it unleashes the power of HE.


    So we are moving and shaking together and it is very frankly about letting you know that you have living within you a whole lot of ability and even a whole lot of leadership and we want to raise your awareness of what’s inside and then unleash it outside.  We want you to live up to your potential.  No big deal, I know. read more

    Movers & Shakers, Week 3 — “The WE Team”

    Not to be melodramatic, but can I get a bit melodramatic?

    I believe that what we’ll share on Sunday morning has the ability to change the trajectory of lives and families and households throughout our region.

    There.  I said it.  It’s a big deal.

    And it’s called The WE Team, and it takes moving and shaking to a whole different level. read more

    Saying What Goes Without Saying & Thinking About Things You Do Without Thinking

    How’s that for a post title?

    But I’ll tell you what else it is: the key to me living up to whatever leadership potential I have.

    If you’ve spent anytime following my posts or even listening to my sermons, you know that I don’t regard leadership as one of my primary gifts.  I’m a tennis player, not a basketball player.  I’m a do-er and not an equipper.  I’m better at tasks than at systems. read more

    Body Talk

    A few years ago, I went through a season where I read Paul’s letter to the Colossians every morning.    Since the New Testament epistles were designed to be heard/read/experienced in one sitting, I thought we’d give it try that way.

    It proves to be much more fruitful than simply reading a devotional chapter a day, as you are able to get Paul’s point and his passion in totality rather than in isolation. read more