Missing Peace, Week 2 — “Through It All” This Sunday

If you missed last week’s launch of the “Missing Peace” series, here’s the highlight video:


This week promises to be both relevant and helpful.  It’s called “Through It All” (Not “Around It All,” not “Avoid It All,” not “Deny It All”) and it’s Sunday … read more

When You ATTEND A Wedding But Don’t PRESIDE At It

Back on December 28, 2019 (the last decade, depending on how you count it), I attended a wedding at which I did not preside.


Eric Matras, a friend from church, married Angie Wiggins, ANOTHER friend from church.  It turns out that Eric didn’t want me to be there in official capacity, as “officiant,” but in an unofficial role, as friend. read more

What I Am Looking Forward To On February 4

Check this out:

My preacher friend John Franklin Howard very kindly reached out to me, I agreed, he got the Uwharrie District to support it and VOILA!

The same day the book releases, I get to lead a group of preachers … on the contents of the book.

I hope the result is simplified sermons around North Carolina leading to multiplied impact. read more

Top Five Tuesday — Five (Or Seven) More Great Dawes Songs

Back in November, I had a blog about my new favorite Band, Dawes, while listing their top five songs. You can read it here.

However, in my Dawes’ Naivete at the time, I didn’t even know they had two additional albums that I had never heard.

Now I have. And they’re superb. So here are more songs from a band who is a little bit Eagles, a little bit Steely Dan, even a little bit Paul Simon and Bruce Springsteen … but somehow still all original. read more

Missing Peace, Week 1 — The “The Worst Case Scenario” Sermon Rewind

Yesterday’s sermon …

Started a series we’re very excited about, as it deals with depression, anxiety, and stress;

Led to a song Chris Macedo composed, not even knowing my sermon was about the same subject;

Resulted in this bottom line: We want peace as a condition of surrender to Jesus when it’s actually a consequence of it. read more

“Missing Peace” Begins Sunday With “The Worst Case Scenario Syndrome”

The first series of any year is important.

Churches and pastors have an opportunity to engage with people whose New Year’s Resolution includes “trying church again”; we have an opportunity to minister to folks who are IN TOWN all month long; and we can connect with folks who have moved into the area in recent months. read more

#TBT — Cotton Bowl TENNIS, 1983

When I was a kid, the week between Christmas and New Year’s typically meant the Cotton Bowl.

The tennis tournament, not the football game.


That’s right. Dallas was then and is now the host of a holiday-flavored, mostly-indoor tennis tournament. Back in the day, the Cotton Bowl was played in the “Automobile Building,” a cavernous, barely-heated structure located at Fair Park, home of the world famous Texas State Fair. read more

Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Things I Appreciate About Calvinists

I am a Wesleyan today because I was first a Calvinist.


Yeah, my first extended church experience after coming to faith as a teenager was at a lovely church in Dallas called Believer’s Chapel.

Though I was very new to the faith and didn’t initially have the language for such things, I gradually learned the leadership of the church believed and taught that God has predestined all that happens, including the eternal destinies of men and women. It’s really a double predestination: some to heaven and some to hell. read more

“God With Us,” Week 5 — The “Bigger Bang” Sermon Map

Sermon map? What about a sermon rewind?

Well, yesterday’s message was as departure in a few notable ways. read more

“God With Us,” Week 5 — “A Bigger Bang”

A little known fact about Advent and Christmas: in Christian thinking, Jesus first appearance is designed to heighten our anticipation for his second.

What does that mean? What will it look like? What about all the books, charts, and graphs that we can buy that tell us when he is coming and how to be ready for it? read more