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From “Eye Roll” To “Absolute Necessity”: The Top Five Benefits Of A Strong Mission Statement

I have a confession:  earlier in my ministerial career I treated any conversation about church mission statements with the dreaded eye roll. read more

Welcoming Newcomers To Church With Brain Cells Rather Than Taste Buds

Yesterday’s post included some thoughts on my bromance with Aaron Mansfield, pastor of Morehead UMC in Morehead, Kentucky. read more

Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Ways Grass Court Tennis Is A Different Sport Than Clay Court Tennis

Several years ago, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal played an exhibition match called “The Battle Of The Surfaces” in which half the court was grass and the other half was clay. read more

What A Basketball WRITER Taught A Tennis PLAYER About Ministry

Bill Simmons, who is a Boston-bred, Ringer-based author and columnist, has written the definitive history of the NBA with his The Book Of Basketball. read more

Princeton & The Pain Of Prevenient Grace

In yesterday’s post, I had the nerve to ask whether a degree from Princeton University (or any other “elite” school for that matter) is more of a burden than a blessing. read more