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Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Things I’d Want To Do If I Didn’t Preach

When I went to college, ministry was not on my mind.  I had headed up north for school, recognizing that pro tennis was likely not going to work out, and therefore I should get a top notch education.  After that? read more

Wait For It, Week 2 — “The Waiting Game” Sermon Rewind

Yesterday’s message was ORIGINALLY supposed to be delivered last Sunday, December 9, but we of course were snowed out. read more

Wait For It, Week 2 — “The Waiting Game”

Many years ago while I was pastoring in Monroe, I had a UMC preacher friend who chose the most interesting time to pump her fist and say “Yeah!” read more

How A 1993 Cassette Sermon Paved The Way For A 2018 Digital Church

Some dear friends from Good Shepherd handed me this cassette tape on a recent Sunday morning. read more

Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Reflections From A Snow Day Weekend

Winter Storm Diego made an unwelcome appearance in Western North Carolina this past weekend, and so we didn’t have church on Sunday. read more