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#TBT — An “Old Soul” At Four

Looking through some old files on Wednesday, I found this piece from a 1966 edition of the Dallas Times Herald that I had never seen before. read more

Therapeutic or Theocentric?

As we continue to navigate what we want Good Shepherd to do and be and how we want it to feel, the following distinction keeps roaming around in my head: read more

#TBT — May 6, 1984

My college tennis coach, David Benjamin, attached this photo in a recent email. The picture was taken at the opening of the (then) brand new Lenz Tennis Center on Princeton’s campus late in my senior year of 1984. read more

A Good Idea Involving Go Eat Pop Corn

For the last six months, my Men’s LifeGroup and I have been reading the same Scripture each morning. After I read the day’s segment, I then send an email to all the guys giving some background, context, and insight regarding what we’ve read. read more

Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Ways Preaching Is Like (And Even Unlike) Tennis

If you have spent any time in this space or if you know me personally, then you’re probably aware that two of the strongest passions of my life are preaching and tennis? read more