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Escape From Average, Week 5 — “Dying To Go To Church”

If a Sunday goes well, we do less talking ABOUT the Scripture and more experiencing OF it. read more

Paul & Mark Say EXACTLY The Same Thing In COMPLETELY Different Ways

Mark 4:35 – 5:41.  A perfectly designed and built
section where faith and art meet.  Remember: chapters and verses were not
original to Mark or any other book. read more

What Happens At Good Shepherd Summer Camp DOESN’T Stay At Good Shepherd Summer Camp

I came across this story recently from a Good Shepherd mom regarding her eight year old daughter named Addy who is a student in our Summer Camp. read more

Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Strategic Shifts In Going From Transactional To Relational

In the fall of 2018, we solicited the help of some outside experts — ok, call them what they are, consultants from Artistry Labsto try to help us reach our potential as a congregation. read more

#TBT — (Almost) Exactly 40 Years Ago

This past Sunday, June 16, was the 40th anniversary of the best tennis match I ever played and the biggest match I ever won. read more

Could You Take A Memo, Please: Inspiration And Dictation In The Letters Of Paul

When we think of Paul authoring his New Testament epistles — whether it’s the theological tour de force of Romans or the personal plea of Philemon — we typically envision him in this posture: read more

Top Five Tuesday — Top Five VBX Numbers From VBX 2019

Last week the people of Good Shepherd Church hosted a record setting, powered up Vacation Bible Experience. read more