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ReGroup, Week 4 — The “When You Believe Your Own Headlines” Sermon Rewind

Yes, a sermon rewind post on Wednesday, not Monday. I took Labor Day off. Not that I am believing my own headlines, mind you. Because Sunday’s sermon was about the dangers of doing exactly that. It touched on why prosperity is so much more dangerous than adversity. And it landed at a bottom line that seemed to speak to many people: You will SUSTAIN success when you MAINTAIN desperation. read more

ReGroup, Week 4 — When You Believe Your Own Headlines

The ReGroup series concludes with a close look at the closing scenes of Josiah’s life from 2 Kings 23. read more

A Clear And Obvious Danger

Many times in speaking or in writing people try to reinforce the strength of their points by adding the words clear and obvious. read more

If Something Is Worth Doing, It’s Worth Doing ON SUNDAY MORNING

Yesterday’s worship gathering at Good Shepherd led to a LifeGroup Launch event on Sunday morning. read more

Triple D: Diversity, Dallas, (Mic) Drop

During a recent address in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Jason Byassee, professor of homiletics at Vancouver School of Theology and a clergy member of the Western North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church, shared this thought: read more

Good Advice For A Wednesday Or Any Other Day That Ends In “Y”

This came across my desk recently, having been written by a Good Shepherd young adult on the back of a Comment Card. read more

Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Reflections On Freshman Orientation Week

This week, a large number of students who have grown up at Good Shepherd ventured off to college. read more