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The Irony Of Christ-Likeness

One of the most oft-repeated phrases in evangelicalism is “Christ-likeness.” read more

Exhort? Or Evoke?

Several years ago, I was speaking with a friend on the difference between exhortational preaching and evocative preaching. read more

Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Things Heard And Overheard At The Wesleyan Covenant Association’s “Large Church” Pastors Gathering

I spent three days last week in rainy Orlando, Florida at the Wesleyan Covenant Association’s Large Church Pastor’s Gathering. It was three days of worship, education, information, and encouragement. On Day One of the gathering, I even got to present a slice of the forthcoming Simplify The Message; Multiply The Impact book as I spoke to a group of preachers on how to improve their … preaching. My talk ranged from Jason Isbell lyrics to syllable symmetry to the power & clarity of a one point sermon, all in an effort to encourage all us preachers to preach vividly instead of blandly. read more

John Wesley’s Epitaph

John Wesley started a religious movement in the 1700s that eventually became the United Methodist Church. read more

Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Reasons Why ‘Charismatic’ And ‘Methodist’ Are NOT Oxymorons

Throughout most of the 20th Century and now into the 21st, charismatic and Methodist Christians have had very little to do with each other. read more

“Gods At War” Series Begins With “Godogamy”

Most of the time, when most of us read biblical stories warning us against the dangers of idolatry, we breathe a sigh of relief: “Well, I don’t have any little tin gods around the house, so I’ve got nothing to worry about.” read more

When A Friend Launches A New Venture

Claude Kayler is the founding pastor of Good Shepherd, having served it from its inception in 1991 to 1999. He is also one of my BFF Preacher Friends. read more