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Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Movie Scenes That Make Me Cry

I cry at odd movies, at scenes most other people don’t find so traumatic. But anything having to do with fathers and sons or divorce or unexpected death . . . well, pass the kleenex, please. read more

“The Fine Art Of Belly-Aching” Launch — “Mine Eyes Have Seen The Gory”

Have you noticed that when you ask someone, “how are you doing?” and they answer, “can’t complain,” that they’re REALLY telling you that if they COULD complain they sure WOULD? read more

Believe It And Not

One of my favorite verses is Mark 9:24, where a father who has asked Jesus to heal his son has the honesty to say this: read more

How To Kill A Sermon

I know a preacher is in trouble whenever he or she says, “Webster’s defines ___________ as __________________.”  read more

Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Reasons I Have A Roger Federer ManCrush

It’s Wimbledon week which means I am both easily distracted and lacking in any objectivity. read more

Proving A Point Or Shaping A Life?

I have recently realized that much of my bible reading is in order to prove a point.  If I am in a religious or political or cultural debate with someone, for example, then I’ll just pull out my Scriptures, point out the relevant verses, and voila!  Point proven. read more

Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Bible Passages To Use In The Hospital

It’s not too much of an exaggeration to say I cut my ministry teeth on hospital visitation. read more

Escape From Average, Week 5 — The “Dying To Go To Church” ‘Sermon’ Rewind

Yesterday we closed the Escape From Average series with what we call internally a “movement” service. read more