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Behind The Scenes, Week 3 — “We Have Met The Enemy And HE IS THAT GUY!”

Most of you know the old chorus “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands.”  It’s pithy, child-like, and singable. read more

Some Thoughts On Home

I spent Monday through Wednesday of this week at a United Methodist conference in Dallas, Texas.  As a lot of you know, that’s the city of my birth, childhood, and adolescence. read more

Up From Cynicism

Over the past several years,  I have, thankfully, emerged out of a fog of cynicism. read more

Methodist Experiment

With some frequency, our Next Step Membership Workshop will involve an experiment. read more

Does Greatness Come In A Moment Or Must It Be Sustained? A Post Connecting Literature, Tennis, And Preaching

Way back in the spring of 1984, as I was winding up my English degree in college, I took a class on theories of literary interpretation.  It sounds kind of high falutin’, and I suppose it was. read more