Where Apples Fall, Week 2 — “Falling Apart”

The Where Apples Fall series is designed to reinforce our core value that faith starts at home.

It’s not like faith starts at church and you hope to bring it from church to your house; it’s the reverse:  it starts at home and gets a weekly tuneup at church.

All that is why we do series FOR PARENTS AND ANYONE WHO HAS EVER HAD THEM (that’s what Where Apples Fall is) but also why we have produced this booklet that will be distributed on Sunday:

What’s inside?  A creative mix of activities, prompts, and links to our RightNow Media web portal, which is free to all who call Good Shepherd home.

So you will be able to take what you glean from Sunday’s message — a talk I am very much looking forward to giving called “Falling Apart” — and then use the Starts At Home guide to, well, bring it on home.


8:30, 10, 11:30 on Moss Road.

10, 11:30 on Zoar Road.

11:30 en espanol with Sammy Gonzalez.