And I Had A Bad Day . . .

. . . because Gary Williams of the Morning Sports Page on WFNZ radio got a bigger, better job with Sirius/XM radio in New York. This is his last week on the air in Charlotte.

For almost ten years, Williams’ show has been a staple of my morning routine. In particular, the Page’s “opens” on the Monday mornings after Panthers games — using a montage of game highlights, TV announcers’ mistakes, and audio clips from Family Guy, Seinfeld, and others — are just classic. I will not leave the house on a Panther Monday until I’ve heard what Gary and his crew have to say about the game and the broadcast.

I think intelligence — or lack of it — comes through very quickly in radio programming. The Morning Sports Page has the kind of irreverent, spontaneous humor that lets you know that Gary and his friends are sharp guys indeed.

And now he’s leaving. I guess for something with more acclaim.

Maybe he could have used the one point from my message this past Sunday called “Secret Attractions.” The one point? Want what you already have.

Oh well.