A Visit, Some Nostalgia, And A Song So Cliché It Must Be True

Earlier this week, I was able to visit in the home of a man who has been home bound for most of the last year.

My schedule opened up in a way that I could drop by his place in the early evening and suddenly it was 1995 all over again:  an impromptu visit, an open agenda, and that blissful feeling that comes from pastoring a small church in a small town.

My friend was eager to play a song for me that some members of his family had recorded for him.

Here it is, called “A Winner Either Way”:



Full of clichés?  Yep.

Overflowing with corn?  Of course.

Likely to be ridiculed by popular culture and hipster Christians alike?  Absolutely.

One hundred percent true? You better believe it.

Christ in me is to live, Paul says in Philippians 1:21, and to die is gain.

Towards the end of the visit, my friend said he’d like this one done at his funeral but it did seem to be outside of our typical Good Shepherd genre.

I told him that if he’d make sure to delay that occasion by a few years, we’d probably have time to figure it out.