A Vice President’s Husband

A lot of you know the unique role that a “preacher’s wife” plays. Part cheerleader, part advocate, part therapist.

But this weekend, I got to play a decidedly easier role: Vice President’s Husband. Julie is a Regional VP of Sales for Kinetic Concepts Incorporated, a leading edge medical device firm. As a way of thanking certain high performers in the sales division, the company hosted an all-expense paid trip at a gorgeous Florida resort. I happily tagged along.

Some highlights:

  • Learning the vast insider lingo that goes along with any company. COPAs, CAMs, AEs, CCs, care settings, VACs, RVPs, MPGs (OK, I made that one up) are all now part of my daily conversation. I can even tell you what some of them mean.
  • We had dinner one night with a couple whom I had never met. When they found out that I am a pastor, they immediately named me “Rev.” It stuck. Priceless. I’m still not sure they know what my first name is.
  • Reading Pete Sampras’ new memoir.

But more than anything, I noticed a new trend in personal service & hospitality. Whenever I needed directions within the property, the people in hospitality — whether they worked for KCI or the resort — would not give me directions.

Instead, they’d take me where I needed to go. And there’s a huge difference between saying to someone, “turn left at that hall, then through the double doors take another right” and saying, “here, come with me and I’ll take you there.” This weekend, I got none of the former and all of the latter.

That’s the kind of hospitality and customer service we want to have around Good Shepherd as well. Because we do occupy a large building and it can be intimidating for people coming in for the first (or second or third) time. “Here, come with me and I’ll take you there.”

After all, Jesus didn’t say, “I’ll point you to the way” or “I’ll teach you about the way,” but “I AM the way, the truth, and the life.”

That’s hospitality of the eternal kind.