A Haiti Blog

In the picture above, you see Good Shepherd’s Haitian mission team. From the far left: Coleman Pierzchala, Jack Jones, Laurie Reiriz, Mike Gathman, Ginenne Rife, Charlotte Gott, Vladimir Andral, Beth Boutilier, Ron Dozier, Nancy Kaiser, Debbie Dearth, and two of the team’s Haitian hosts. All these folks are giving of their time,talents, and energy to share the love of Christ in a land where it is desperately needed.

In the post below, you’ll read from the team’s arrival blog:

Saturday, July 9:

We turn off our cell phones for the last time as our plane’s wheels lift off of American soil… We leave the world of “me” behind and begin to focus our hearts and minds on “them”. Our journey has begun; we are boldly optimistic.

As we emerge from the cloud cover we desend towards our new nation…if only for a week. Our first steps on our new land were slow and steady as our eyes feasted on lush green mountainsides and deep blue ocean water, the sounds of a Haitian band greeted our ears, our senses were spoiled! But that was only one side of the airport….

Cement floors and the stale still air of this tiny gateway to the outside world clashed with the chaos and confusion of the travelers inside…the doors opened to the other side of the airport and our senses were once again on overload….

…hundreds of souls wondering the streets, shouts, cries, laughter, honks music… There is no silence here… garbage, tents, tarp homes, these are their homes. Their faces seem to lack emotion, perhaps this is how they’ve learned to cope….

The rubble and destruction remind us of that fateful day last January when the earth quaked Haiti to its core… perhaps the rest of the world needs to be reminded.

Splashes of color throughout this forgotten city give our eyes a break. Brightly colored paintings, mangos, bananas, and sugar cane decorate the sides of the streets….these are Haiti’s sweet treasures.

Our driver Kensley shares his stories and knowledge of his beloved island, he is beeming with pride for his homeland and that lets us know that there is still love and hope in Haiti…. God is here!

We reach the guest house and are greeted with bright smiles and warm hearts. John….our selfless host spoke of the call that lead him to Haiti. The smell of delicious Haitian food makes our mouths water and our bellies grumble…. We are home.