4U Launches — “Best. Question. Ever.”



Sometimes it’s easy to feel as if the whole world is against you.

When you have a run of difficulty in life, it’s tempting to believe that
forces beyond your control have lined up to rob you of meaning, purpose,
and happiness.

But what if the reality was much different than that?  What if reality
was in fact the polar opposite of that?  What if at the center of the
universe there was a force that is relentlessly, surprisingly,
annoyingly FOR YOU?  What if you were the object of passionate and
persistent support and love.  What if you were on the receiving end of
enduring, active love.

We believe those “what ifs” have become the “that’s the way it is” in

We believe he is fundamentally FOR YOU.  4U: a celebration of Easter
spirit at Good Shepherd.

March 22:   Best. Question. Ever.
March 29:   Best. Offer. Ever.
April 5:        Best. News. Ever.