Some Things I Am Always A Fan Of …

A smattering of things whimsical and things weighty that I am always a fan of ….

  • A one-handed backhand;

  • SMU sports;
  • A well designed sermon that teaches me something about the bible and then makes me cry;
  • “The Boys Of Summer”;
  • The fiction of Ann Patchett;
  • Inductive Bible Study as taught at Asbury Seminary;
  • Asbury Seminary;
  • The sports commentary of Colin Cowherd;
  • The non-fiction of Stephen Ambrose;
  • The Jurassic Park movie franchise (really);
  • Mark, the Gospel of;
  • The Nix by Nathan Hill;
  • Serve-And-Volley;
  • Gimme Shelter;
  • The theological eloquence of William Abraham;
  • The biblical insights of Matthew Bates;
  • Any biography of Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, or Richard Nixon;
  • Over The Hills & Far Away;
  • The Call;
  • Peggy Noonan;
  • Nissan Maxima;
  • I Corinthians, all sixteen chapters.

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